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Artikelnummer 6SC6110-0GA01
Collectie Siemens

Buy your Siemens Parts online in our E-store.

All Siemens Parts are completely overhauled (except the used ones) according to the manufacturer's procedure with systematic preventive maintenance on components with a limited lifespan (we have all components from the Siemens manufacturer such as capacitors, inductors, power transistors, fuses, fans and also relays for any repair of the Siemens servo module)

The Siemens part is fully tested at dynamic full load speed on a complete special Siemens test bench with CNC control and special servo motors to ensure the quality and optimal operation of the Indramat part. This Siemens comes with a warranty to reduce unexpected failures and costly downtime and keep the system online so you can get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Warranty – Factory
Returns The product is covered by the warranty for replacement of the same product or a similar product for the entire duration of the contract period (according to the terms of the supplier)

Warranty – Repair/Remanufactured
The product is covered by the warranty for a workshop return, where a repair or replacement is carried out, for the entire contract period 6 months (subject to conditions)

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